About Me

When I first began my career, I started off as a business analyst after college. It allowed me to utilize the skills learned in college (BS in Information Systems & BS in Accounting). I maintained a few ERP modules, created reports using SQL & business objects, met with end users to obtain business requirements for new projects, project management, etc... Although I enjoyed the work, I knew I wanted more. I have two sides to me; a technical and creative side. I started searching for ways that I could tap into both sides. In my personal time, I began following more creative pursuits. What blossomed was much more than I imagined.

Although I enjoyed the work, I knew I wanted more...

I picked up a camera, started retouching photos, began designing graphics, and started coding in hopes to stumble across one thing I would really enjoy and could pursue leading to a new career path. Surprisingly, I enjoyed each one more than I could have imagined. With photography, I enjoy capturing the beauty in plain sight, no matter how simple. Retouching photos allows me to enhance the beauty that is already there. When I design, I feel like a digital artist, my canvas laid out in pixels. And with web coding, I feel like a creator; I create experiences that allow users to interactive get data while helping clients meet their goals. Without a doubt, web design/development is my main passion and forté but I'm thankful that my other skills tie into it. I think the combination makes me a stronger more well-rounded developer. I'm happy I took a chance and began experimenting with different interests. I haven't looked back.


  • Work with major clients such as Discovery Channel, NBC FIFA, Chick-fil-A, Caterpillar, NASCO, Banfield, Rio Olympics, Vacation.com, among others.
  • While working with Florida SouthWestern State College (previously known as Edison State College), the redesign I worked on for the college won 2nd place for best website (Association of Florida Colleges, 2013)
  • Formerly Webmaster at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW Website)
  • Started a small company with a partner in July 2011 providing audio engineering, photography, videography, graphic design, web development, and more primarily to music artists and others in entertainment (On The Map Media Website)


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